Thursday, February 18, 2010

BEYOND MY RAGE band, Hardcore / Healing & EasyListening / Down-tempo band from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah . Click for more information about this band.

About Beyond my rage:

Beyond My Rage formed in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah (Malaysia). Friendship is the basis of BMR, in term of music BMR more to breakdown hardcore. BMR is Mazlan (mic), Khairul (guitar), Alvis (guitar), Shamsul (bass) and Wan (drums). BMR started getting into the scene at the early of 2008. Bringing hardcore music in Sabah’s scene to a new level. Our first demo recording “Beyond My Rage”, released in July 2oo8. The demo includes 4 of our original songs entitled Step into the Floor, Straight Edge, I’m Ready to kill and Tear Apart. As a new band, we need your support to keep us moving. Without you guys, BMR doesn’t stand tall right now, at this pride.
“We all speak from what we observe and we speak it loud because it is true. It is hard to catch people ears, to attract people to listen and understand what we all want to deliver and that has been the bigger task to done. The crucial things we want to deliver are the opinion about something that related to among us included issues of pride, unity, brotherhood, family, self-esteem and the joy of music. Its not about making enemies and colonialism, we all stand on the same stage for the same reasons all for music and joy. No matter how they look and what they wear this does not matter, use your head! Use your heart; be glad with all friends around you. If you can stick to all, all can stick for you! If you got my back, I got you back!”

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